Advertising in the inventory?

With the addition of unearned cosmetics appearing in the player inventory, will cosmetics that are only obtainable through the Commodore’s Vestures also be advertised within the inventory?


Bruh wtf is Fatshark even thinking

From how I understood it it’s a separate menu and it really just allows you to see what items generally are available and through where.

Nothing to get worked up over really.

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I think if it is done well, it is just a positive thing.

Ofc already owned cosmetics should always show up at the top, and it should come with a sorting function that allows you to display cosmetics by type/source (penances and penance recolors, dockets, money).

Imo it would be really nice to have an overview (and the ability to preview them on your own character) for all the existing cosmetics in one spot.
If this comes with a description for each piece, telling you how to get it, this would also make the penance cosmetics more visible, since players would no longer have to look through all of the penances (without the ability to preview the cosmetics there).

At that point it would also be nice if we had the ability to just buy the docket cosmetics from that menu directly.

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