Nothing has changed from beta.
The ADS/Sway instead of traditional kick is so utterly disgusting and takes away fun from the actual game.

It doesn’t add immersion or anything, all it is, is artificial difficulty for absolutely zero reason.
Why can’t we just have good gunplay, you aren’t even doing anything special or better than red orchestra, rising storm, arma, Enlisted, Escape from Tarkov, or anything relevant to non-traditional ADS.

God forbid if anyone disagrees with me try using the kriegs pattern lasgun, Lucius lasgun. Half your god damn screen is blocked, the zoom is awful, the iron sight is no where near helpful, combined with the environment, lighting, fog, smoke, explosions, particle, teammates.

I feel like an actual detriment unless I rock a shotgun or revolver, which still suffers the same problem, except like a 4090 TI, and a 13900k You BRUTE FORCE the problem through SHEER firepower.

The game is not slow paced enough for this type of style Fatshark has gone for in the ranged gunplay category. The game is also not a competitive PvP shooter, the game is supposed to be a fun coop shooter is it not? So why make the asinine decision to curse the ranged gunplay with such poor ADS?

If you don’t feel the same way, that is fine. I’m glad you’re enjoying it, and I hope you continue to be content.