My Feedback to Dartide

Let me get one thing directly out of the way because i cant wait to tell you this Fatshark.

You are so on the right track that you even exceeded my expectations. I’m not stupid, I know this beta version is far from the finished game. But my god the combat, movement and progression through the maps feels good, especially on higher diffs. Said maps, how did you guys make these big maps perform so well with all these details? The idiots who complain about poor performance have no idea what they’re talking about. I know you have done something extraordinary here.

I won’t go into too much detail, I know your developers know this better than any other wannabes out here.

I really like the new moves, the sprinting was so damn necessary in a game like this, sliding is so much fun, it’s so cool when you slide under a couple of shots and then chop off the shooter’s head with the axe.

The guns feel so damn good, better than some triple-A games that don’t do anything other than shooter games. That’s very impressive considering it might be your first time doing this.

Yes, the maps, if you look closely at them, which is not so easy during a mission, they are outstanding in detail and size. There are so many highlights in every corner and in the background, especially in the background, it’s amazing and I still don’t understand how you guys could achieve that. When the game was announced I had serious doubts that you would be able to create interior maps like this, but like I said you did better than I could have imagined.

I like how the specials work now, please don’t change that for some crybabies, that would be a big mistake. It’s very good that specials aren’t as obvious as they were in V2. This really encourages more and closer team play now, I saw it in the beta, I played almost 40 hours. I t also makes sure that you have a challenge on eervy diff.

I told you guys on the steam forums to take your time and you did it (not because of me), it definitely paid off. I wouldn’t mind if you guys delay the game even more, there are a few things missing and people are right to complain about that too. But let me tell you that I was addicted to the game with just these 4 cards and that means something.

You’ve done it again, you’ve improved as always, as I’m used to from you guys. You are absolutely on the right track here and I know you will continue to improve in the future. This is really my honest opinion and I think after so many discussions on the steam forum where people throw dirt, you deserve some honey for your hard and passionate work :wink:

The Emperor protects !!!

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