Adhesive Charge on Beast of Nurgle

Issue Description:
The Ogryn Rumbler with adhesive charge does zero explosion damage to the Beast of Nurgle. The monstrosity will take the direct hit damage but no damage once the round detonates.

Steps to Reproduce:

Used a rumbler with and without adhesive charge on a BoN.

Reproduction Rate:
Constant (100%)

After further testing there are specific spots that will take explosive damage. the spots found are highlighted in yellow.

Did you hit his weakness?
Previously, an error was reported where armor piercing grenades and grenades hit weak points, resulting in loss of explosion damage

Anywhere that i have tested shooting the BoN with an adhesive charge fails to do explosion damage.

This is a known problem apparently - both for Adhesive Charge and for krak grenades. Aim below the mouth area for best results.

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