Additions/changes that would be nice to see

It would be nice if the character portrait changed with the equiped cosmetics and the hats changed color with your equipped skins.

Last stand needs to return to V2, definitely need a bunch more levels added too.

More playable heroes would also be nice, maybe the vampire Genevieve and a high elf wizard?


i just want ONE PRETTY FEMALE PLAYABLE CHARACTER please (we can’t see kerillians face so it doesn’t count)

god darn it why must everything be so rugged and manly

Play ow. Sure you won’t be looking faces though)))

mercy main here =) HAHAHA


What do you mean? Don’t you find Sienna’s face pretty enough? She may be a bit of an older bird but I can almost guarantee you she has some experience and I bet she can make you feel all hot and warmed up.

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Kruting ting running hot LUL

That might be a feature in the future
image image image
(default portraits in the closed beta)

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