Add rev'ing sound to chainsword light attacks

Based on videos the Chainsword feels underwhelming since the light attacks do not have rev’ing sound
The chainsword should have a small rev’ing sound whenever you slash with it using light attacks.
The more you add rev sounds to the chainsword, more satisfying its use will feel.


I do tend to agree it would give it a bit more feedback looks a bit like a wiffle ball bat at the moment just a small rev sound as you said

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The idling sound should be louder, closer to what a chainsaw should be in a horror movie (Like leatherface)

Ah, so it is really have no revving sound.

I concur. Think back to 2012’s Space Marine and the chainsword in that game. That thing was a bliss to use.

maybe they wanted to convey the difference between using your special ability and normal atacks, but it feels like a real downer… like smacking them with a metal slab

It really felt weird to see the chainsaw being used as a normal sword, but then they showed the weapon special (i suppose) where you activate the chain sword for an immense single-target hit.

I can live with that, even though i would like to hear revving sounds for light attacks too.

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