Add Numeric UI's wounded and Natural Bond indicators to the Detailed UI


Original Mod & Creator: Numeric UI by Necrossin and -Milbor-

Taking influences from the Numeric UI mod, this new option gives you the choice to add more details for health and ammunition values in the in-game HUD.

- Dev Blog - Quality of Life Breakdown — Warhammer: Vermintide 2

The Numeric UI mod puts a ‘wounded’ indicator (a skull icon) near the player’s avatar when a player is wounded (on their last life). It also puts an indicator for players that have Natural Bond as a necklace trait. The new Detailed UI is lacking those useful features.

Those indicators should also be in the Detailed UI due to their gameplay utility. It tells when we should prioritize healing a player. Wounded players will die once downed and Natural Bond players can not heal themselves with permanent health.

Also, please add a ‘heal share’ talent indicator since in most cases it is better to heal the heal share player so the whole team can get healed.

EDIT: As commented by @Rodo below, an indicator for the ‘Hand of Shallya’ necklace trait (healing an ally with medical supplies also heals you for 50.0% of your missing health) is also useful, so the team would know who should get the medical packs instead of healing draughts (or tomes).


This is non negotiable, really

We are moving away from mod sanctioning in order to concentrate on integrating those in-demand mods and QoL features in the game.

18022021 developer stream recap

If the Detailed UI is meant to replace the Numeric UI mod, it really needs some more work.
As mentioned above, indicators for wounded, NB etc is a must. But it also needs more options than “on/off”. Ideally the same levels of customization as the mod, but at the very least a “light” mode.

Personally I find it unusable in it’s current state. Showing current, max and temp health all at once is just too much. The clutter makes it hard to focus on anything else.


Yeah, I still use Numeric UI and I won’t stop using it unless the official feature includes this icons. It is also useful to have an icon for Hand of Shallya (I know it’s not that popular, but it needs an icon still)


Please add Hand of Shallya explicitly to your first message, so they don’t forget that (if you agree with me)


Yes. I’m surprised they didn’t make the cut, but we have a second indicator, coupled with a timer, to tell us how many seconds are left before an ally’s ultimate refreshes. I could do without it: for starters, the hourglass indicator is redundant, the purple bar already tells me if an ally’s ult is on cooldown, secondly I don’t see any use in knowing exactly how many seconds of cooldown are left, there’s very few ways of interacting with it and it’s not that important anyway.


I think the time left for ult is usefull in coordinated play, when you are asking, for example an IB to use his ult as fast as possible to get you out of trouble, but in general, a good player should say “ok, wait me x amount of seconds”. So it’s a little redundant, but it has it’s uses.

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