Add more maps in Terminal

I feel that the Normal and Auric aren’t enough for the variety to choose from. 50% in Standard maps are Malice or lower, while having only 3-4 maps for Damnation.

Maybe have Standard, Heresy, Damnation, Auric. I don’t want to try too hard to in Auric, but can’t find an enjoyable combination of special conditions in Damnation all that much, if there are any.

What they need to do is just make:
A board that contains T1-T3 with 1 T1 (nobody plays this difficulty) 3 T2 (new players usually start here because it is the highest they can select until they get higher level) and T3 (I would say probably a goo half if not 3/5 of players just sort of live here to turn their brains off and shoot stuff) with a maelstrom T3.

A board for normal Heresy and Damnation with each having a half the board and each having a maelstrom mission. 5 of each and a maelstrom should be sufficient to have good map coverage.

The auric board is fine as is.

Essentially a low difficulty board, a board for players wanting a bit more challenge, and a board for people wanting the hardest content the game has to offer.

What would this look like for their servers? No clue. But this would be a reasonable band-aid that could be implemented easier than remaking the entire system (it isn’t peer-to-per like VT2 which is why competent bots that use your kits, mission select, and solo-play are not options and probably never will be on the live servers… you can actually get bots to use your kits and play solo with a mod but it does not use the live servers).

Or they could do like in other successful game ( deep rock galactic ) , put the map and let people choose the difficulty…

Having freedom of selection would be best yes, nobody would argue against it.

But it doesn’t work, you have 5 difficulties, about 15 maps, but you also have 10+modifiers, so you can end up with a lot of combinations, more so as the game will grow and get new missions, modifiers and such

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