Add killing floor 2 time slowing feature

This would be great with the blood in gore. Each player has a meter they can fill up and it goes off like kill floor 2 multiplayer. It would help shooting combat too.

Would be an awesome ability for a new hero (something akin to a WARRIOR PRIEST! Just kidding).

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I’m sorry to say, but I really don’t like this idea. Right now I have an issue from the latest patch where the game slows down and then speeds up again as if its trying to catch up. I really don’t like this issue and I really don’t want a feature that imitates it even partially, intentionally slowing down combat. I would find this annoying and I assume if one person had it turned on, everyone in the game would be affected.


I love this feature in Killing Floor because it gives you a much-needed break from the action. Everything in that game moves so fast and enemies can be so sudden that you practically end up relying on it when a Siren hits the deck in the center of your team.

However, in Vermintide, it’s slow enough that we can see almost everything coming. Other than a Gutter-Runner, there’s really nothing that can close on you without your intimate knowledge. Moreover, it’s a mechanic that only really benefits the person who triggered it; it could entirely goof up someone winding up an attack and releasing it right as time slows down. Not an issue for guns, bigger issue for swords/bows.

A fun idea, certainly, but I think it would be out of place in the current environment (IMHO).


Like a few others, this doesn’t sound like a good idea to me. A lot of things in this game rely on timing or rhythm, and sudden speed-changes break those. Imagine dodging a Mauler’s overhead, only to notice onatoher used their skill to change its timing. Or you’ve got a good rhythm going with a Two-Handed Hammer, and suddenly the rhythm breaks because another player felt they were in trouble.

It sounds like an interesting ability, but it just doesn’t fit here.


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