Access to all characters inventories through epuipment menu

If I need to switch equipment round to salvage I’d prefer not having to switch characters every thirty seconds, this can be particularly inconvenient when in a lobby with other players

There’s a mod for exactly this.

It’s a real time saver, helps with a lot of different things.


While that mod exists, there are a lot of console players who don’t have access to any mods. You never should assume everyone is on PC, even if vast majority are.

There are some other QoL things too that really should get transferred from the mods to the base game, if only for console players’ sake.


Well to be fair, the ratio is pretty high in favour of PC players on these forums and their discord. I do agree, a lot of these mods should be ported over to the consoles. I can’t imagine playing the game anymore without some of these mods. I know during the big updates when the mods don’t work, I don’t even feel like playing lol.

Hopefully in the coming year console versions will get some of these mods integrated into the game, although I get the impression ps4 players may be at the back of the queue for content given the game was released last on ps4

There’s only 3 or 4 people working on PS4, if I remember right. I doubt they are slacking, but their manpower is just limited.
Good luck, though; I agree with Smoker, some mods are downright mandatory.

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