About v1.0.8

About v1.0.8, the overall impression is positive, but:

  1. I still hate pixel-jumping-puzzles. I find them boring, out of context, and in some cases very frustrating (like the second grim on ‘Empire on Fire’)

  2. The graphic engine seems running better but the scenes seem a bit darker (using gamma 2.2).

Another problem is that IMHO it still have some problem on shadow casting.

On my Geforce 960M with the lastest drivers, I found that the environmental lights are working fine, but not any local light source (tourches, …).

They emit light that don’t generate any shadow. I good example can be the mission board.

The candles and the bench don’t have any shadow.

Even the players around here have any shadow.

I try to play with the video setting but nothing changed.

Another strange behavior, is about these pipes that seems receiving light from an invisible source.