About the bug in Marcus (hunter) using bow and arrow weapons

This BUG is very simple. When I was playing Marcus, I chose the hunter’s career and used the bow and arrow as a long-range weapon.

When I use the bow and arrow to gather power, the moment after the arrow is launched, if I am attacked by the enemy immediately, my attack will be interrupted. At this point, my bows will be 0 and the extra bows will not be loaded. I have no choice but to convert long-range weapons (bows and arrows) into melee weapons, and then convert melee weapons into long-range weapons (bows and arrows) so that the spare ammunition of the bow and arrow can be properly loaded.

And this BUG is not accidental, as long as I use the bow and arrow to pull the bow to accumulate strength, after being attacked by the enemy, this BUG will appear, and the spare ammunition of my bow and arrow will not load properly.


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