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I was tabbing out of the game (windowed mode) to do something else. I guess it has something to do with my GPU/Drivers.

Hi @RedBeardedGiant,

The logs do indicate a GPU-related crash. I recommend running through potential solutions here:

Thought so. No worries. Did not happen again and a new GPU since today :slight_smile:

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Hi, sort of related to this CPU crash topic. I had crashes all the time, runned through all possible solutions, nothing helped enough, removed all mods all together, did help a bit, same as solutions, still plenty crashes but then!.. I changed my laptop battery mode from high performance to eco friendlky/energy saving mode and I got ingame massive FPS boost ( +15 fps on average) and didn’t crash once in the last 20+ games.

Laptop battery saving magic.

Also, can I dm You - Lev to discuss/give detailed report on this issue?

Of course! Feel free to shoot me a message :slight_smile:

How can I actually dm you?

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