A suggestion on how to fix red item rng

Still the same idea, just a slight variation on it. It boils down to a pity counter, which has been suggested since almost day one, so to say.

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Same, like i get a new weapon but think “Ugh I’ll have to upgrade it and then do a bunch of rerolling for it and then probably reroll some other things if it’s going to be a real different build and I hate the crafting system so much so F*** it”


Congrats on your good luck, but for a lot of us that is not the case. I’m nearing in on 200 hours myself, a lot of which is after they fixed drop rates, and I have yet to see a single red item.

Cool, but do you realize, that there is 3 possible solutions to your problem: removing duplicates, adding crafting system and, surprise, increasing droprates. Though, I am afraid you do not realize, how big the problem is.

But if you think, that playing a game for 4k hours to get all the content is perfectly fine, then everything is okay of course.

Very easy solution, Diablo style vendor shop + ingame currency to buy crafting materials allowing you to craft up to red/legendary items. V2 is a vast improvement over V1 system, but it is still deeply flawed. I have THIRTEEN red trinkets, ZERO red 2 handed hammers for Kruber and Bardin, which are the items I would like. If they want to keep some level of grindeness I rather have a set cost of gold I need to work towards to obtain an item I want instead of getting random loot which just demoralises you after a while.

Also I want properties, traits system which actually matters is balanced. An item property should make a tangle difference such as one less strike to kill a specific type of enemy instead percentage for something. Traits should be reworked as so should talents as many simply offer nothing, whilst others are must have.

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