A few suggestions on how to proceed

I am loving the game as it stands, bar the progression of course. It’s a given that is broken, and for some players there are serious tech issues preventing them investing the time. I want to see this game thrive and grow, so a couple of suggestions on what might help.

  1. Don’t split the player base. I am not 100% sure but I thought I read somewhere that the intention with Darktide was not to to this anyway, but please ensure nothing like Winds of Magic or paid map DLC that was in Vermintide 1 and 2 prevents the players from joining games with each other. By all means sell as many cosmetics as you like, even classes if reasonably priced, but maps free for all. Currently there is a pretty low player count, splitting that will kill the game, like Aliens Fireteam Elite did when it came out with no quickplay option.

  2. Consider making it worthwhile playing regularly by giving away some premium currency. It doesn’t have to be in the tens or hundreds, as few here and there in chests or as mission completion rewards is enough to mount up so that every now and then you can buy a small cosmetic, maybe 1-5 here and there. Currently there are few reasons to grind maps. It could even be as part of a special event.

  3. Free weekends. Darktide has got off to a bad start, but giving people the option to try before buying might encourage uptake (once some crashing bugs are fixed). Once they can get a taste of the gameplay that might help alleviate some of the deterrence from the low review score.

That was all I had for now. Really hoping things will turn around in the next few months.


Agree on all points and i like more constructive feedback and ideas.

Me too. A whole lot of whingeing and whining going on from a lot of people, gets tedious real fast. We get it, your not happy, so stop trying to sink the game (and Fatshark) just because things aren’t fixed right now. Either get on board to help or go play one of the other million games out there that you do enjoy. Simple as.

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Regarding point 3, game pass is already a thing. No self-respecting gamer would look at darktide’s current state on steam and pay full price.

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Agree and in combination with point 1 we need crossplay asap.

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