A bit hard

The game feels a little bit too hard.

then maybe you should get better? the start is hard if you are not familiar with it and without heropower. but after that recruit is easy to rush

The game has a little issue with being actually a bit harder at the start than later, as you not only learn to play, but also grab better items that fit your playstyle better.
Continue to hang in there, open those boxes (well, actually, once you get equipment you are happy with, better save those commendation boxes until you reach level 30), and you’ll probably get a loadout that’s fun to you and deal more damage with it.
The game is somewhat unforgiving to newcomers, but given the amount of testing and betas they’ve done, I believe it is doable for everyone.

i am glad you feel this way. i wouldn’t want vermintide to become a walk in the park.

the game’s selling point for me, is that ALL damage is avoidable with good play. it’s completely based on skill. i have no doubt that a perfect group with excellent teamwork, with base weapons, with no lag problems, can take on the hardest difficulty.

learning to stun enemies with strikes, dodging, having a sixth sense that someone’s gonna poke you in the ass, comes with experience, using headphones, and patience.

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