4 new bugs to report

-After you finish the dark area in the blightreaper level there is a drop off point, in the area with the tables, between the drop off point and tables there are several locations where stormers below can cast through the floor and there is nothing you can do about it because you cant kill any of them.

-Enemies run through the first tent after bashing the doors down with the ram in the war camp level and enemies path out of bounds up a cliff and come behind the players after going up the ramp where the first buggy tent is, its after the first tent near the ammo box.

-Rapier+pistol, the special attack pistol shot has bugged audio, myself and players in our groups think its whenever a another player in the group is using the new masterwork pistol or it could be whenever someone is playing dwarf in general, we noticed its only when a dwarf is the group anyway.

I noticed it only when the Saltz player is not using BoP as ranged weapon.


This is true. I was playing BH was using BoP, rapier pistol sound normal.

All other ranged weapon and the rapier pistol sounds like a water pistol.

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I was using rapier+pistol/volley crossbow when the audio bug was happening

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