BoP firing sounds are silent to teammates

Say hello to one of V1’s ancient bugs. You hear the pistols firing in first person (at least THAT one isn’t back) but your teammates will only hear the pops of bullets hitting enemies. AFAIK the rapier pistol, funny enough, does have a firing sound. I recall it being broken the other way around a few months ago.

Same thing occurs with handgun and both repeaters. Cosmetics not loading in properly on bots being a weird mix match of outfits, repeater hangunalso plays the repeater pistol burst sound when you fire it after spin up in the background.
There are so many flaws that it is discouraging to think that we are the only ones seeing these things.
At least with bots, but tbh at this point I can’t be arsed to do qa for fs for free.
Qa that would have caught most of these issues on first pass.
Instead of spending money on some dumbasses sword to hang up at the office thy could have paid someone to do just a little testing.

i must say if this is a thing dont change bc BOP are loud af!

Soo… does this happen to you all the time or…? Because I have no issues hearing the BoP, in fact they’re extremely loud, which is pretty cool.

implying shatfark would have done a single thing about these issues once they were found?

At least they’re not wasting money on QA that they’d then disregard!

All the time since the beta, at least. Any allied Saltzpyre only produces the bullet hit noise. This bug was a thing for the longest time in V1 as well, so it’s not surprising at all.

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