2 Useful Alterations of Existing Systems

As someone who has yet to buy the game, waiting for the product to improve, I have a few suggestions.

Ideally, none of these are the current hot-button topics like currency on accounts, crafting, missing weapon, etc.

The Emperor’s Gifts:
After playing the Beta, there were a few times it disconnected for me at the end screen, and I either didn’t get the Emperor’s Gift at all, or it wasn’t the item it show.
I suggest, instead, that the Emperor’s Gift is not a random item that you get added to your character. Oh, certainly, keep the announcement, but don’t make it an item by itself. Make it a notification that you can redeem at the currency shop, in exchange for a choice of 1 of 3 items.

In essence;
Finish a mission
Be informed you’ve received The Emperors’ Gift
Redeem it at the Equipment shop
Get your choice of 1 out of 3 items.

This would give a player more control over what items they get, allowing them a potential shot for a class item they want.

The Requisition Shop:

Let the player have an input on what the shop is refreshing FOR. In many of the various Warhammer RPGs, there was a nice enough system that can be directly copied off of.

Plentiful (White)
Common (Green)
Average (Blue)
Scarce (Purple)
Rare (Orange)

Put up icons of the Weapons/Curio that a player can highlight, and put higher priority on refreshing the shop to HAVE those items, in the category selected.

Lock it behind the available Level, because Level 2 Veterans shouldn’t really be rolling around with Bolters, but give the players a way to influence the shop, and I think you’ll find them complaining a lot less. Useful for every player, from lowbies just looking to have fun, to end-game players looking for the perfect Salvaged/White/Plentiful Weapons to start upgrading.

And that’s all I’ve really got for now.