+2 Max Stamina Curio only adding +1Stamina

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Issue Description:
+2 Max Stamina Curio only adding +1Stamina

Steps to Reproduce:
have 2 +2 Max Stamina Curios when equipping ether both only add +1Stamina,
have tested in testing psychamium and in full matches.


Player ID:

Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
[11/23/2022] [7:58pm est]

Reproduction Rate:
Constant (100%)

Upload Supporting Evidence:

as you can see its only increasing stamina by 1 not 2.

Upload Console Log:
console-2022-11-23-23.38.56-ba797662-6722-4540-a17f-08e0e7c688ed.log (442.0 KB)

Upload darktide_launcher.log:
darktide_launcher.log (440.8 KB)


If it’s like VT2, 1 stamina bar = 2 stamina. But of course, that’s poorly explained in both games.

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Its not like in V2 and +3 Stamina Curios also only add +1


I noticed this as well (single curio with: +1 STAM adds +1, +2 adds +1, +3 adds +1), and I hope that it is fixed soon.

How has this not been adressed yet?

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BUMP. is this intended?

Why does this issue still not fix ?