2 bugs on light wind weaves (Hysh): "Negative HP" and Curse immunity

The 2 bugs we have encountered 2 days in a row are:

  1. “Negative HP”

When you lose health because of the curse and you keep avoiding shines, you will start having a visual bug with your health bar. And it seems like you end up with negative health (visually, but you still have 2 hp in practice).

Now… I’m not sure if that “negative hp” also gives you more attack speed. I didn’t test that.

When you finally go near a shine, you start recovering your “negative health” first, and only after that do you start gaining real max permanent hp.

And a picture illustrating the “negative health” effect

  1. Curse immunity

After dying, if you are revived, you are immune to Hysh curse, so you do not lose max permanent XP nor gain attack speed. If you get to the arena after that, you restart your state so the curse can affect you again (as long as you don’t die).


I’ll leave here the log that contains a few games with Hysh wind.

console-2022-03-24-23.12.39-1501c249-0ecf-4440-a3ca-b5834af788cf.log (5.5 MB)

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