1h axe deals MORE damage versus monsters with light attacks than with charged

Issue Summary: charged 1h axe attacks deal about the same damage to monsters as light attacks (actually slightly less even!), while it deals more damage to any other kind of target.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Meet a boss.
  2. Smack him with charged axe attack.
    3.Then try normal one.,

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):
Constant (100%)

I’ve recorded the video using creature spawner on Against the Grain, just in case something worked differently there than in lobby.

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This issue is also present in Dual Axes

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Yup, can confirm fhis one.

Fun fact - light attacks actually deal more dmg than charged when you look at it closely :stuck_out_tongue: so I had to rename the topic title.

Does this issue occur for all 1h axes (Bardin, Victor and Kerillian’s)?

I feel like it’s been this way for quite some time. 1-h axe charged attacks have been dead to me for all but flavour (e.g. jumping down on something) for a long time. Agree that there should be some benefit to using them.


Don’t know about Kerilian, her axe has a bit different moveset. But sure as hell the same is true for Saltzpyre’s axe cause I tested this yezterday.

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