1.6 Event map crashes

Love the new map, dialog is great, we were all cracking up on discord. Unfortunately, Did two play troughs, D/C’d on the tavern brawl at the end both times. My wife and her friend also D/C’d on it. It doesn’t give an GUID code during these crashes.

Here’s my crash log and console log.

console-2019-03-08-12.14.03-7a30d2bd-e781-4524-900a-e963693b1571.log (1.5 MB)
crash_dump-2019-03-08-12.14.03-7a30d2bd-e781-4524-900a-e963693b1571.dmp (652.8 KB)

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Looking in to it!


I crashed once. Disabled the usual suspects (select few mods) and everything’s been working fine.

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Keep crashing here aswell, always in the tavern brawl part. Can’t complete the map.

Can you post your crash log and console log? It might help if they have more reports.

This is a list of my crashes today… 7 total since event launch.

console-2019-03-08-15.19.26-680d65ad-3144-47fe-92db-39bf928ee499.log (646.9 KB)
console-2019-03-08-15.55.58-2533c29b-0013-4849-b0cc-1e862d64ccbc.log (927.4 KB)
console-2019-03-08-16.46.56-68c29cd5-c601-46dc-af60-d79606fd534d.log (1.2 MB)
console-2019-03-08-17.31.23-32471e87-3d31-464a-91f0-85c884a47d48.log (199.5 KB)
console-2019-03-08-17.38.58-7f8ff57c-dc32-45e4-aa2c-36f8e7856994.log (195.3 KB)
console-2019-03-08-17.52.23-b9ce03ed-66db-4d0c-b299-e73f2ea819af.log (846.2 KB)
console-2019-03-08-18.45.25-bae02fab-b57c-4fad-a4be-141f6e1e0f02.log (1.4 MB)
console-2019-03-08-20.28.07-706d5d7e-cb44-48ad-a395-9bb5c500835b.log (754.8 KB)

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It crashed mostly just at the waypoint.

So the tavern crash seems to be fixed, but now I just crashed as soon as the bridge of shadows activated on the level. At this point, it’d be better if you just gave everyone the portrait for drinking all the Ale… This is getting a bit frustrating.

GUID: d4d7b23b-a054-4be3-a40f-8ca94839e94e
Log File:
Info Type:

[Crash Link]:

console-2019-03-09-09.26.30-8a2759a1-6724-4b5e-bbd6-87cd3bb8549d.log (1.0 MB)

crash_dump-2019-03-09-09.26.30-8a2759a1-6724-4b5e-bbd6-87cd3bb8549d.dmp (637.5 KB)

Hello chat !

I’ve a lot of crash, always in the tavern brawl part.
All my mods were disabled.
Please, help me to drink more beers :slight_smile:
Thanks !

GUID: bb893185-f708-48f6-998b-5597c631ead9
Log File:
Info Type:

Crash when exiting the game now.

GUID: 72053716-8030-465a-b2e1-575b821b66bb
Log File:
Info Type:

[Crash Link]:

console-2019-03-09-11.39.55-41479c5f-c9f1-4700-b397-964364523c2b.log (1.4 MB)

@FatsharkJulia do you want me to keep posting my logs/crash guids? Or do you have enough now?

I got this crash last night too… it froze out and left vermintide’s launcher eating memory in the background. I had to end task in manager and hope to Sigmar it didn’t wreck some sync with my game.

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Crashes every time around the ogre arrives at the tavern for me.

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First game crashed to black screen. Had to reboot. Updated drivers, switched game over to SSD, validated files, set it to DX12.

Tried event today with nothing but CTD. It seems to happen just before big hoards load in. Settings are medium. cpu and gpu dont get over 65c with some brief spikes . Last CTD app hung in background stuck trying to open crash log and had to end task. Only mod installed is chat block and v2 framework.

crash_dump-2019-03-09-20.42.17-77454bb3-14e8-4d7b-aeda-3a4f1709ebef.dmp (500.6 KB)

console-2019-03-09-20.42.17-77454bb3-14e8-4d7b-aeda-3a4f1709ebef.log (1.3 MB)

Thank you all, I believe we have enough information. I’m hopeful that this can be addressed tomorrow.

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I crashed after the hotfix patch, right as I touched the portal.
GUID: 9d75d0b0-4879-434f-bcb1-f315e4fc1c03

Crashed again after the hotfix. Same deal, midway on the tavern brawl
crash_dump-2019-03-12-17.54.54-a57c89cb-34e5-4d85-adf1-1971aecbae3e.dmp (602.4 KB)

console-2019-03-12-17.54.54-a57c89cb-34e5-4d85-adf1-1971aecbae3e.log (544.7 KB)

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