Zealot going down although passive is available

The zealot in the clip had his invulnerability passive up. He takes damage from the chaos warrior, but instead of the ability bringing him to 1 hp + giving invulnerability, he goes down then the passive triggers.

Video: https://www.twitch.tv/marcusrising/clip/ClumsyBlatantCroissantPicoMause?filter=clips&range=7d&sort=time

I believe this is related to this bug.

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I couldn’t reproduce it: https://puu.sh/Gkf6x/77f542291d.mp4

Maybe Hagbane’s DoT changed something in relation to the overall fishy CW uppercut attack?

Yeah it appears that the Zealot took damage from a Hagbane shot almost at the same time he got hit by a Chaos Warrior. Could it have something to do with the bug?

I mean, the CW uppercut clearly causes two hits in the same instance. Who knows what happens if you throw in a third from FF.

I don’t think taking multiple instances of damage is what is causing this bug. I’ve had this bug happen several times in scenarios where I’ve only taken a single instance of damage.

From 24.08.2019.

From 18.03.2020.

From 18.04.2020.

From 09.08.2020.

That’s a nice gallery of oof. TBF, there was a period of time in which Heart of Iron didn’t work, it was acknowledged as a bug and eventually fixed. Some clips might be from this time.

Currently, Heart of Iron should work (and does so in many situations). But you’re most recent clip tells otherwise. So, I guess, it’s still somewhat bugged.

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