'You have new items in your inventory' notification after crafting a weave weapon is still present

This is basically a duplicate of: http://forums.fatsharkgames.com/t/you-have-new-equipment-weave-announcement/37580

Crafting a weapon in Athanor results in the aforementioned notification from the standard equipment UI.

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always worked if I equipped the weapons

What do you mean by that?

Equip the crafted weapons in your weave build, that will make the notification in the standard UI go away.

I sure did that, to no avail.

Ty to equip every weapon again to make sure, both melee and ranged.

Alright, I haven’t swapped both melee and ranged the first time around.
I don’t know which of the weave weapons have not been marked as ‘seen’ – the initial ones, or the crafted ones but regardless – I don’t think this fiddling about should be necessary.
Weave weapons are supposed to belong to a different inventory altogether and not affect the ordinary one in any way.

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