Yellow light beams in weird places


In two instances a saw strange yellow light beams during maps where I wouldn’t expect them:

I’ve played the maps a couple times since and it didn’t show up again.

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its from sienna bot with beam staff

Please have decency to look at the screenshots before making comments.

There is no Siena there.


Its happens when somebody jump on bot place.

Well, on the second screenshot you can clearly see all 3 other people activea and be rather far from the beam, so maybe you should have asked for context first before jumping to assumptions?

Some simple stuff like:
“Hey, did you have a Siena bot with a beam staff get replaced by a player at some point? This might cause it.”
Instead of acting like you are stating the obvious, which made you look bad in the end.

Is that a personal attack?

Ignore Perteks, he contributes nothing. I saw this the other day on Convo and there was no Sienna in the game either, and I was hosting.

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No Siena from the very start to finish, or was there a replacement at any point of the game?
(Asking for clarification because bits of info are important)

There was no Sienna for the duration of it, I saw it in one of the first hallways

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This topic actually reminded me that i’ve seen this before. I took a screenshot of it, evidently, last September. I don’t know if it matters or helps, but I guess this means it’s been going on for quite a while, or at least has come up before?

It looks like it’s in the same spot, even. Kind of funny.

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