XBox Error Server

Hi,I downloaded the game from the GamePass two weeks ago. I have never been able to play online because it always tells me “server error”. a friend of mine also has the same problem as me. how can i solve? thank you.

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Hi @Iskadar93,

We’re currently investigating connectivity issues affecting our console players, which could be related here.

Though, could you please message me with yours and your friends Xbox Gamertags? It would be useful to check to see if anything is amiss with your accounts in the backend, just in case.

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My game tag is Iskadar93, FuNgHeTtO39 is my friend’s gametag.

Thanks you.

Thanks, both accounts look fine in the backend.

I can only recommend trying the solutions listed here:

Otherwise, we are actively investigating console connectivity issues, but unfortunately I can’t offer an immediate solution.

we are awaiting your resolution…

I have try but don’t work. I have uninstalled the game… :frowning:

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