Will it take 3 years for vibration like in the game Vermintide 2?!

will it take 3 years for vibration like in the game Vermintide 2?!I mean that how long we will have to wait for vibration support for this game to?

Maybe use a Vibrator


very funny-not!
can I get a real answer?

Community manager is already in damage control mode so i guess so.

so do I have to wait 3 years to play this game with vibration?!this is not normal…

I would guess so, since it FAAAAR Down on the priority list.

Something like that wuld be included in the QoL part of the workflow, which is currently really far away, as there are more pressing issues like fixing the GPU Crash issues and Disconnects at hand; followed by Balance Changes and the Problems that will arise at actual launch.

Also, have you maybe considered that the overarching majority simply does not care, or is even happy that there is no Controller Rumble? This is the only post about this issue i found on the board…

no vibration=refund for me.

so?how long?

where is the answer from the one incharge?

I dont want to wait years for vibration…how long?

new update=no controller vibration!
how hard is it to put controller vibration in this game?!

There is no need to bump. It is scheduled for an upcoming update. When? I don’t know right now.

I just hope it wont takes years that is all.

I really want to play this great game…but without vibration I wont…to bad :frowning:

another update-no vibration…when than?

I don’t know bud. Please stop bumping this.

last bump…will the retail game have controller vibration or like in vermintide 2 will takes years to have that feture?+new update and still no vibration!

why cant I get a real answer?
vibration or not?wait for it for years or not?

it will take 3 years for vibration like in the game Vermintide 2 I think-bummer