Why mouse and keyboard not supported in game when ps4 support it

Hi, im a 45 year player, been playing since a i was 10 years old, my thumb was injured a few years ago and can´t play whith crontroller. Now only can play games whith mouse and keyboard on ps4 when are supported and dont have a gamer pc. This game is a coop game not a competitive so there is no advantage using them.

I would appreciate very much if you gave support for keyboard and mouse in ps4 because I really like the game.

thanks for the good work done with this game

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This isn’t a game feature really. Microsoft built support into its OS so dev only had to enable it. For it to work with ps4 they would have to program it into the game. Take time out too. I doubt that will happen. Any game with k&m support on ps4 had to be programmed. That’s why it’s was a big announcment for Xbox and they had a list of games offer it at once. They didn’t have to do anything but allow it.

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