PS4 KBM support when?

Xbox got it, PS4 has natively supported keyboard/mouse since launch, Hedge mentioned no immediate plans but not ruling it out. So when do we get it?


Is code for nice to have. It’s highly unlikely that it’ll be implemented in the near future

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This isn’t a game feature really. Microsoft built support into its OS so dev only had to enable it. For it to work with ps4 they would have to program it into the game. Take time out too. I doubt that will happen. Any game with k&m support on ps4 had to be programmed. That’s why it’s was a big announcment for Xbox and they had a list of games offer it at once. They didn’t have to do anything but allow it.

What you are describing is mouse emulation and that is not what the xbox OS does. It is not a simple on off switch for mouse emulation. The keybinds, the acceleration, the UI, everything changes to make mention of the mouse and keyboard. PS4 (and even PS3) have supported this since day one and are already in use on several games. The work was already put into the xbox port to enable this functionality and the same could be done for the PS4 version if they choose. It sounds like it is a monetary issue.

You can buy GIMX if you really want to play with mouse and keyboard.

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