Who is my Beloved?

At first I thought he was just a made up part of my Psykers crazy mind. I did choose the Voices option along with the crazy voice so I thought my Beloved was just a manifestation of those choices. Now I’m not so sure.

An Ogryn made a comment about the fall of Cadia and my Psyker responds “My Beloved tried to save Cadia, he really truly did” which just seems really weird to say about an imaginary voice in your head. Also the Psyker will mention the Cicatrix Maledictum by saying his Beloved randomly talks about it but doesn’t give away what it actually is. Unless my Psyker is hearing this name from another source and attributing it to his Beloved; there would be no way for my character to know enough to even mention the name out loud.

So who is this voice? Is it ACTUALLY the Emperor reaching out to whomever he can? A powerful hero from Cadia who now exists in a non corporeal form?

My Beloved is the Emperor of Mankind


Beloved by all.

If true why? Why is the Emperor who for all we understand is in a non corporeal form, stuck in the Warp, battling Demon Gods talking to us? We are little no one Psykers who probably rank so low on the Psyker power scale that if we were to be sanctioned we would most likely be executed a week later.

Strange that a being of the Emperors caliber would use even a small amount of himself to communicate with us. I suppose the rumors about the Emperor no longer being fully cognizant in his current form could be true. If this were so he may act simply off of instinct and parts of his psyche are often free to talk to little Psykers and make them crazy.

First off, there is so much speculation and rumor and mystery around the Emperor that no one can actually say what’s true about Him. He may be a corpse on an inactivate piece of Dark Age Tech. He may be a psychic entity that protects humanity from daemons breaking into the Imperial Dungeons. He may still exist between life and death, sustained by the Golden Throne.

Secondly, many sanctioned Psykers ARE connected to the Emperor. Astropaths undergo the Soul Binding ritual where they take a sliver of the Emperor’s psychic power to fortify them further against the corruption of the Warp. This allows them to serve the Imperium more reliably for longer than your average psyker before they get overwhelmed by corruption. The process usually costs them their eyes.

Thirdly, Psykers can be both insane and subject to communication with Warp Entities. The voice in their head might be madness, it might be something in the Warp or it very well might be the Emperor. The Emperor has manifested often in 40k to different people in different ways for different reasons.

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Love all this.

So I’m either communicating with the Emperor, A surviving Aeldari God, or some other form of Warp Entity.

Great to be a Psyker in 40k.

You are, without a doubt, the most ****ed among us.

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I don’t play Psyker so I haven’t heard all of the voicelines just yet. But most of the voicelines I heard where the psyker mention ‘my beloved’ seems to work when you apply ‘the Emperor’.

Also I think I’ve heard one interaction between my Zealot and the Psyker where she said (my zealot) something about how great the emperor is, and the Psyker said something like : ‘Yeah I know, My Beloved is the best’ (paraphrasing). I haven’t heard that interaction since, so I need to hear it again to confirm.

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The more I hear the more I’m convinced it is the Emperor.

Really interesting piece of lore Fatshark has thrown in there. Having even an indirect line to the most powerful human ever is pretty damn important. The small handful of lines where my Psyker is coherent and says something useful are really unnerving almost like the Emperor is taking over for a split moment or allowing my brain to work how it should.

My beloved may be indeed reference to Emperor, but that voice speaking to you when on high peril definitely isnt Master of mankind.

Im pretty sure its a warp/daemonic entity waiting for you to overstep the bounaries, encouraging you to do so even.

When ‘ventilating’ high peril the dreamer (psyker who thinks hes constantly in a dream) whispers to himself meditative focus matra to not get his mind overtaked by entities of the immaterium: "You dont control me… you dont… " I dont understand why would he say that to the Emperor.

It also as well may be the Changer of the ways - scheeming pupeteer Tzeentch himself, who doesnt like papa Nurgle…

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This could very well be true as well.

A Warp Entity masquerading as the voice of the Emperor may very well be able to convince a large number of Psykers to do something stupid.

When using Wrath the Psyker will often say “here is a gift from my Beloved” which makes me think the Psyker is actively being taught how to use his powers from this entity who or whatever it is.

A little lore mystery all wrapped up and waiting to be discovered.

Agree with this. It could equally be big E, or Tzeentch masquerading as big E in order to steer psykers down the path to ruination (could be a lower tier warp entity ofc, but it is a very Tzeentch thing to do).

I can confirm that many people say that to their beloved ones during an argument :smiley: Even in 3rd millenium.

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Yes, unfortunately first blood sucking and mind manipulating deamonic entities started appearing in 3rd millenium already, with rise of first Dark age of technology devices called television, smartphones and internet.

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Interesting that the beloved psyker loves the emperor so much. My German psyker constantly shits on him I’m surprised I haven’t been shot for heresy

This is confirmed to be referring to the emperor in the dev blog on the voice lines:

On top of that, the Seer has a very close relationship – or at least they think they do – with the Emperor. They’re convinced that their Beloved (as they call him) will permit no harm to come to them. I guess we’ll see.


There are a couple of voice lines the Psyker has though that indicates it is a deamon impersonating the Emperor that they are hearing.

Very cool. I didn’t know there was any official word on this.

I am now 100% convinced that it is NOT the Emperor. It is an Entity of the Warp or another powerful Psychic being that for some reason is either passing itself off as the Emperor, is not able to communicate effectively enough to tell us what or who it is, or is simply allowing us to think what we want about it. The Entity knows a lot of information and is in some way helping our Psyker learn facets of his power. Why it would do this is up for grabs at the moment.

Knowing the world of 40k it is most likely NOT a benevolent Entity. I doubt Tigurius(lol) or Eldrad(more lol) are sitting around suddenly interested in our development and just want to remain anon to drive us even more crazy.