Where is my preacher outfit?

The outfit for the (deleted) penance asking for winning with only melee has dissapeared ???!!!
Im i lonely ? Is there anyone else ??


Yep Pious Mendicants Vestments just disappeared from inventory. Hope Fatshark fix dis.

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Pious pants is in inventory, disappeared just Pious upper body).


I discovered this and immediately logged out after seeing the new rewards. Garbage compared to the Pious Mendicant’s chest item.

I want that back. We earned it so don’t really care if they do change the penance but they really need to re-attribute that to our inventory as it was my favorite chest item.

Plus, it’s kind of ass for them to take it away.

I’m glad I’m not the only one upset by this, I was so happy when I earned it, and now it’s gone. I hope we get it back!

Pretty sure it’s a bug. Did you report it in the bug section?

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