When typing, opening a menu, or alt-tabbing, you should auto block

This nice QoL feature saved my behind tons in VT2 while making callouts and adjusting settings, it really belongs in this game as well.


Agreed, this is a simple change that really helps with keep your survival up just in case of those little hiccup moments.

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Yet another feature that was in VT2 that for some reason isn’t here.


So many occurrences like this it just only makes sense to believe the people that made this game did not make vermintide 2. The entire gameplay and system design team of vermintide 2 must have left and they hired new people so they likely dont know what was good from vermintide 2


It was in Vermintide 2 because of a sanctioned mod.

It took 2 years (patch 3.2) for the functionality to make it to the main game.

It’s revealing of fatshark weird dysfunctional-yet-here-we-are inner workings that darktide does not release without the option.

Which is also why it’s so worrysome that there’s no mod support for Darktide. So many of the implemented QOL fixes that Fatshark implemented in VT2 was from mods.

Now without mods here, people can’t do the dev’s job for them

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Yea i really hope it doesn’t take them that long to add the really simple QoL stuff to this game