When does season 2 begin?

Yeah, by the way: make sure the Convoc event actually ends - I happen to have some nice video evidence that sometimes it just doesn’t.

If I could add one thing I hope is on the upcoming changes, it would be buffing/tweaking the temp HP on hit talents. Making other combinations of classes & weapons more viable would definitely be refreshing.

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Based on experience with our Nordic clients, basically nobody is working after the 15th December. That leaves 2 weeks in that month.
We’ll have nothing this week, so in november remain 2 weeks.
If they really want a beta, that should be at least 2 weeks, if they intend to use feedback from there and not repeat WoM launch, I don’t see how S2 would start this year.
And with this timetable, I’d rather not have it released…

Well this good to hear.

Hopefully said changes will work out well and I am looking forward to new maps and some news on the map editor.

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Hosted a game today, I saw the assassin rocketing badide me, impacted on the wall ahead, and just teleported on me. Dodged leech projectile grabbed you. These are not latency issues. Stormfiend suffers 3 different type of damage from the very same ability under the same circumstances. A simple gor deals more than 150 damage within 2 seconds, hitting you 4 times. Should I go on?

The stagger is a welcomed thing for me, but the tracking is broken and with that stagger you suffer more damage with a heavy weapon equipped. Kinda realistic, but still: enemy facing 90 degrees, hitting that way, and you still get hit by it. Not realistic. Telekinetic.


Yea I know.

My faith in Fatshark when it pertains to any Map Editor is extremely low but hey they did promise one - like they promised Dedicated Servers.


Map editor (mod tools in general) are kind of the holy grail of this game, the thing that could best save it, so I get asking.

Hope we get news of the beta soon.


I already have a number of ideas when it comes to different scenarios.

I’ve used Grim Dawn’s Map Editor to start a Diablo 2 inspired mod. Messed around a lot but also put a lot of time into thinking about the layout of where the different areas would be while also looking into different environments / biomes that would make sense for each area.

Basically finished the Rogue Encampment and part of Blood Moore / Den of Evil before I found out someone else was going to make a more of less replica of a Diablo 2 mod (trying to copy it’s exact look as opposed to what I was going for when it came to “realism”) so I decided to let them go ahead and stopped my little experiment.

Looked around for a picture but it seems that I lost the mod file when I had to change a few things with my computer. It was definitely fun figuring out how to use the different environmental tools and trying to make a Rogue NPC, Fallen and Fallen Shaman. I remember getting really annoyed trying to put in Diablo 2 enemy sound effects.


If you think Froh is being ‘negative’ in his position you and i are experiencing very different scenarios. I find Froh’s position to be perilously close to constant damage control for Fat Shark. In my mind I think he ought to be getting paid.

And I am so sick of being told I am having fun wrong.


Froh is just too lenient with FS. According to him, we have to give them time to fix stuff. I just think they had enough time.
Also the quality of their work is unacceptable.


Do you know I’m still there ? :stuck_out_tongue:

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You’re always there !

When seventh son of a seventh son go to a seven eleven and buy a seven up under seven full green moons.

On a side note, a branch named mod_test did pop up on depots. Which means something is moving on that front.

Its good to hear that there will be a beta. Already informed my group and we will test the crap out of it. I will try to capture as much as i can on video to provide some delicious feedback. Hopefully its worth it , otherwise this will be the last time for me trying to help with bugreports and such.


I would absolutely love modding tools but they need to release them while there are still people to use them. The overlap of remaining active players who are into mapmaking/modding is getting smaller and smaller.


Modding tools is a technical thing. They’re using their own engine, and getting out mods tools that are able to catter to modders (so needs to have ease of use, documentation, automated process, tools etc) is something that is really hard to do. I mean, there’s not a lot of games out there that provide modding tools when they don’t use Unreal Engine/Unity/Others known engines with an already existing map editor. Thoses things takes time, and there’s probably nothing they can do to hurry that up, considering there’s also a lot of stuff to do in the main game as well.

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Actually, it is something any sane gamedev team starts with. Esp. when it is actually 1.5 years after they released a second game on their engine.

That mostly depends on their budget to be honest. Usually, devs teams with their own engine (or a less known one) don’t start with “releasable” tools, but more “homebrew” ones. Meaning that they can use them, but it’s (usually) far from being a complete one. As this is the team that it is working on it, they can pass to newer members the knowledge of how to use the tool, like “Do not add this props, or it crashes”, “Try to not put more than X enemies”, etc…

We do know that they started working on modding tools during V1 (but way after the release). And they already have more support than before.
Don’t really know where the block is at they are nearly finished (in terms of scope) but blocked on the last percent (if I remember well).