When does season 2 begin?

for Christmas? Well, I’ll have to wait.

my expectations now are gearing more to like dec 31 literally the day before next year haha


For now I hope it’ll be released when it’s finished. No need to rush anything and bring up faulty content. I would be smart not to release to much at once and learn from previous “mistakes”…

I think their 1st priorities are now the WoM console releases. Hopefully they’ll be in a more polished state than we got. Then after damage control on those platforms :wink: we might get a big good patch. Then S2 with Drachenfels. After that the Emporium.
Let’s see what what’ll happen!

i thought both will come at the same time?

I don’t know how this will happen and in what order they’ll release anything! I assumed.
I was referring to “don’t-release-too-much”.

It would be great to split this up if they plan to release that altogether. Imagine what happens when we have problems with S2, Drachenfels and the Emporium at the same time! Of course there will be problems, nothing runs smoothly ever.
I doubt FS wants the job of extinguishing more fires than they can handle as they already got enough to do to clear the current ones!

Exciting times for this game!

Well, there is no specific information for the start of season 2. Last we heard was that we get news in the “coming weeks” (Vermintide 2 - Patch Weeks already implies that it will most likely not be this week. And new again implies that after the news, the start of season 2 itself will also take at least one more week. But maybe they just drop everything tomorrow. For now you should expect a December release.

As for Drachenfels, the release will be splitted (Winds of Magic - Season 2 Blog Post). First map will come “at the start” of Season 2. While the other two will come later. Lohner’s Emporium will also be there with the start of season 2.

But again, the start is most likely still away. This also depends if FS wants to integrate results of the survey already in Season 2 or if the survey is already aimed at Season 3. Hard to say at the moment. Just stay patient and enjoy the combat, talent and gameplay improvement 2.0 has brought.


'Aving a giggle there mate? :))


No, serious opinion. Gameplay of 1.6 felt horribly to me. In fact, I stopped playing back then and just came back for 2.0 which feels a lot better. While initial reviews have been not so good, it was mostly to the technical state of the game with all the bugs. While we still have a lot of bugs, the group affected by them seems to have thinned down. As such the recent reviews now do not describe the poor technical state of the game anymore but the gameplay changes. And reviews have risen above 80 % (and nearly 40 % of these from long-time Veterans) showing that general consensus is that gameplay has improved due to talent changes and introduction of stagger (which remained largely unaffected since Beta 2). If some people would actually be less stuck up and swallow their pride they could all enjoy the game now.

But it has nothing to do with the actual OP, so it is kinda derailing. For anyone seeking answers to the OP question, please refer to my prior post.


You’re even worse than Froh.

The game plays the same up to Legend. Stagger adds literally nothing to gameplay, tracking on trash is just irritating. Nerfing dodge would have been enough - even tho it’s still a bit too much, still too sensitive to latency -, and new talents were required.
The sh*t hits the fan on Cata, where A-gameplay is required, but the innumerable technical issues just pile up, making the game frustrating. Just check the bug forum it’s flooded with problems.
For a while I was like, yeah, if you can play around the bugs, the fixed game will be easy, but after this long, my patience ran out.
Imho S2 will put the last nails into the game’s coffin, but let me not be the prophet.


If this is not trolling, could you please expand on what exactly is better in 2.0 ?

Is it the wobbling, uber range, thru-other-mobs attacking beastmen ? Or is it the ret_rded-looking super-tracking running attacks being initiated from meter away ? Or the archers still shooting you in the face even when being very close to them ?

Or do you have some other favorite spicy feature of 2.0 combat ?

Those 3 are my favorites I think. But I’m still “learning” how to adapt to those…

You are certainly pushing those euphemisms. Reviews are extremely bad, that’s the correct term here. And no it’s not just bugs.

It’s all the stuff they’ve been told 100 times during the beta PLUS the frickin new bugs AND crapload of the critical old bugs.

It’s worst scenario I’ve ever seen in any game ever, seriously. I would not believe that something can go this bad and devs can be so blind and unresponsive.

In case you don’t know what “all the stuff” means, then in short the core 3+1 wrong changes in WOM were :

  • Stagger mechanic
  • Fixed weaves
  • Broken beastmen balance/animation/attack patterns on gors/ungors
  • Completely screwed up temp hp (suddenly implemented when WOM went live, with zero testing… that was completely stupid move, like Holy Sigmar, who in their right mind does 100 changes and then also does huge change to temp hp generation without any testing and just slaps it on live at the time of release (of major expansion) … while also getting extremely negative feedback on most of the other other changes)


They need better decision making guy, or we are getting nowhere.

You’re not talking about WOM, but base game. That is without weaves and without beastmen… two huge offenders. And stagger mechanic got nerfed to the ground, to the point that it’s nearly irrelevant, so that one is also kinda out… so what do you have left ? Bugs… new ones, old ones… a lot of em, new screwed up sound, some pointless, some loud AF and pointless, the horrible new running attacks, increased tracking, nerfed dodge etc… so yea, it’s less worse now, than it was right at the WOM release, but you are comparing apples to potatoes.

Has nothing to do with pride, I’m just pissed that game I really really liked and spend crazy amount of time playing got fu_ked like this. As for enjoying ye sure, like sh*t doesn’t work in every single run I play, and with patches it also changes that it’s broken or not working in different way.

Just to give you an example, I liked new talents on FK in beta… couldn’t play it when WOM went live, why ? Cos they screwed up the halberd… animation was broken for month at least, then after trying to fix it few times, it didn’t work at all, at which point I was already pissed. Btw, you couldn’t really use Merc instead either since ult wasn’t working half of the time, not sure if it even works now, consistently. (but now u got new feature, now you can’t use it while in attack animations, like doing heavy with executioner or even doing the overheads with halberd… wow) After the weapon finally started working, it was and is still nightmare to play, cos shotgun is useless - nerfed to the fu… ground, because they can’t balance anything it seems, handgun is too slow for Cata or Cata Twitch amount of specials and only option then is the minigun which I don’t like… next is temp, there is no fu_kin temp on FK… none… it’s no-temp-hp class unless you are doing stagger talent and bashing. Temp on cleave ? Nothing… Temp on stagger ? Ye, if you want some temp you gotta take inc. stam regen and just push mobs as much as you can like idiot (not because you need to, but because it’s only way to get some temp which will be gone in seconds anyway). And then the talents while interesting are still bugged or not tweaked properly, like the 15% more dmg on stagger… you stagger the frickin rat to death literally and you do not get the buff… so if you take exec for example, you’re not getting sh_t because it’s not implemented properly and you’re not getting the bonus basically. Or there is attack speed on push… but on connected push - you have to hit the mob, which is fu*king pain vs wobbling super range beastmen, with slow, low dodge range low dodge count class as FK… and when you go needlessly close and actually push that damn ungor you get the buff for about 2 seconds after the push animation is done… like ffs, is that a joke ? And I was hammering this thru the whole WOM beta… you know what I got ? Change from 2 sec to 3 sec, lol. Basically it works bell only on shields, where you don’t fu_kin need it… because it’s OP anyway.

Ult on FK is also screwed, it needs tweaking, because it often won’t stagger all enemies and you get hit right as you land, often by multiple enemies.

I could literally go on forever here and then just switch to another class…

There is incredible amount of fu_kery going on and I’m amazed how someone has balls to say that this is good, and people just need to swallow their pride, their pride my ass, this is delusional.

@Froh is very optimistic, but he is still working with reality, I think he’s providing “good” counterbalance to people like you and me :joy: @Palesz




I better think I like to take a step back on the actual issues that annoy me rather than losing my patience (which is understandable). Since I’m managing a bit a bunch of the french community, I also tend to see what really annoy people (either veterans like you, or beginners, who does not see the same issues at all). Stagger, for example, were not a part of the issue for any group.

Bugs, attack speed, attacks going through block, and wrong kind of difficulty (like mobs that one shot you, or hordes being too long to cut through due to damage resistance etc) is, mostly for experienced players, and mostly in highest difficulties. Thoses bugs are hardly an annoyance in legend, they are critical in high end weaves.

Balance issues does not help, but beginners won’t really be able to judge, and experienced players are already used to play some sort of meta (which, to be honest, exist in all games).

On beginners annoyance, the game appears to be too grindy (I don’t find it grindy but they does), and limiting them to recruit when they tends to play with more experienced friends is I think, one of the annoyance.
Game will look too easy because they play with experienced players IN RECRUIT, and therefore, they’ll find it kinda boring.


It does, but issue here is that the difference is so huge. And of course as you say it’s all compounded with the bugs, talents not working properly etc.

Bold move would be to remove the leveling crap, completely. I’m not sure how dangerous move would that be, but considering what kind of changes we’ve seen and how devastating impact those had on playerbase, this kinda of shot would prolly be relatively safe.

Who gives a sh_t about leveling in VT2… well people who do, are not the ones to stay… I talked to few of those on reddit, how long does it take to level up the class now when recruit is doing same xp as the leg ? Not that long, and if you are in the game just for leveling, thinking this game is kinda fps hack and slash level up thing, than it’s kinda short ride.

Plus there is the issue with hero power that keeps changing => changing breakpoints, stagger etc => just confusing.

Would prolly be improvement if they removed it completely, but … check this out ! This is not something I have strong opinion about :joy: Since I don’t know with great certainty what impact would this kind of change have.

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We will announce a date as soon as we can. We’re, right now, in the throes of tinkering with some of the pressing issues, such as enemy spawns, sounds. We’re looking at making adjustments to how enemies interact with players when surrounding them, to try and combat hyperdensity situations - this involves updating the AI behaviour trees to shuffle enemy considerations to be more in-line with your expectations (we hope!). We’re looking in to weapon swings for quicker sienna, kruber and kerillian weapons to mitigate missed swings, tweaking gor attacks, rejiggling events on a bunch of levels to make them fairer and less frustrating.

There’s a bunch of other nice fixes in the works, and we’d like to get you hopefully trying some of this stuff out on a beta branch, if all goes according to plan.


I do like “diablo” feeling, and the chase for a reward, so I’m not against leveling. I just think it could be faster for recruit to champion access.
Champion to legend is fine as the game is already kinda difficult in champion. Recruit to Veteran could also be a bit faster than veteran to champion.
It already kinda is, since the patch that did make xp bonus being the same through all difficulties.

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I think better approach would be just buffing the XP in general, not making it flat across difficulties, it removed some of incentive to play higher difficulty. Which is bad.

People like to talk about how it’s positive, because you don’t get “newbs” in higher difficulty (when there is no incentive), which is not even true. Played few QP cata runs on Sunday, when there is much more active players, and oh boy, there was a lot of ppl in cata who had no clue what is going on whatsoever.

Like there is 10 archers and nobody cares :smiley: that kind of no clue. So I have to shoot em with handgun…

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Stand (both events),Bell,Convo,Fort are most out of the ballance btw. Not saying that it’s wrong, but inconsistent with other events.

I pray that the running attacks can get tweaked also.

That sounds great.


Remember that the challenge on convo should be doable in cataclysm. Or remove it =p

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So there’s gonna be a beta before the S2? How big is it gonna be?

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Yeah, by the way: make sure the Convoc event actually ends - I happen to have some nice video evidence that sometimes it just doesn’t.

If I could add one thing I hope is on the upcoming changes, it would be buffing/tweaking the temp HP on hit talents. Making other combinations of classes & weapons more viable would definitely be refreshing.

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