What's your song after too many Shandies?

So, I’ve broken up from school (I work in a school, I’m not some errant child on the pi$$) and I’ve had too many shandies so I’m listening to my favourite go-to song when I’m feeling magnificent.

Wife doesn’t like my singing too much, but the sheer happiness this conjours up in me is enough to ignore such wanton criticism.

So, what’s your go-to jam when you’ve imbibed enough to float a Rotblood Longship? Hit me with your best, most feelgood tracks/videos. @everyone.

@Fatshark_Hedge @FatsharkJulia and all Dev team, Don’t be shy! You can even post Mr Brightside if you like! I won’t judge.

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NGL, Mr Brightside is an absolute anthem. Anyone who says otherwise is a little bit dead inside.


10 years old but guaranteed to have a whole pub of British people yelling the lyrics. Even if it’s 1 in the afternoon.


A “Shandy” (beer with limonade right?) is frowned upon in traditional Austria so I have to pick one which goes with our life elixir. Beer.
Have you ever been in an Austrian party tent? (also called beer tent for obvious reasons)

I’d say Peter Wackel’s Cover of “Joana”:
You need a few beers to endure the sheer volume of the song (dont get to close to the speakers, it’s bad for your heart).
After more beers you are jumping to the song, wearing your “Tracht”, on the tables.

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SOME GUY CLAPPING HIS HANDS WITH GLOVES ON!. That’s enough for me. reaches for a Stella

I’m glad you posted. It’s kindof strange fun!

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Hiiiighway toooo the


I tend to vary in what my go-to song for certain things are, but currently my answer would be this:

This is my current go-to song when I need a jolt of energy, or when I need to keep my energy goin’.

Nothing like going nuts on rats while listening to the playlist I put this song in.


I do like Sabaton, I just don’t listen to them when I had “too many Shandies”.
Didn’t know they were singing in elfish too. :sweat_smile:

My favorites from them right now are “To Hell and Back” and “The Last Stand”


Oh my, lawdy, I didn’t realize someone else here loved Gloryhammer. May Angus McFife be returned by the power of Dundee…

Generally I like music that makes me feel empowered. Anything with a sick guitar riff that guides me to want to lift more, run faster, or take another hit in the ring hits the spot. TheFatRat’s “Stronger” collab is fantastic and there’s a lot of electronic music that does it for me, too, but BMTH tends to be my go-to.

EDIT: I don’t tend to drink in public, so it’s mostly just me focusing on myself. Cheers.

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The Swedish versions are far better, some are completely different songs with the lyrics. I’d recommend giving them a listen. And yea, I like to crank some of that at home. If I’m out having a few pints then I like the classic rock.

I don’t speak Swedish tho :neutral_face:

And understandable lyrics are very important to me… :sob:

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That channel I linked has english translations on screen for every song :wink: And you can learn some Swedish <3

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That reminds me I need to start up my swedish classes on duolingo again. Totally forgot during the holidays to keep going lol.