What would be each character´s theme song?

My nominations so far. Feel free to add, comment and criticize!

Updated with samples!
Personal recommendation: Minimize the video while you let the song play and imagine some corresponding scenes from Vermintide. Then judge for yourself :slight_smile:

Witch Hunter:
Hammerfall - Hammer Of Justice

Bounty Hunter:
Orden Ogan: Gunman

Powerwolf: Amen & Attack

Valiant Kruber
Sabaton - Resist and Bite
(Honorable Mention: Saltatio Mortis - My Bonnie Mary)

Dragony - If It Bleeds We Can Kill it

Foot Knight:
Hammerfall: A Legend Reborn

Okri´s Cousin
Ranger Veteran:
Alestorm - Drink

Manowar - House of Death

Iron Breaker:
Wind Rose - Diggy Diggy Hole

Nightwish - Alpenglow

Battle Beast - Dancing with the Beast

Battle Beast - Fight, Kill, Die

Battle Wizard:
Majesty - Fireheart
(Honorable Mention: Hammerfall - Fire Burns Forever)

Gloryhammer - Universe on Fire

Rammstein - Feuer Frei

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That fact that no one says Cascada’s “Pyromania” for Pyromancer hurts my soul so, so much. :frowning:

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Sorry mate, but that is so far off my taste I wouldnt have come across it even if I had a map.

I would say Dream Evil - The Chosen Ones for FK
And for Slayer, as he search for both Karak Zorn and the “last battle” Dethklok - The Lost Vikings

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I´m always down for Dethklok. !.,.!

Hagstalker’s themesong should be as follows.

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Iron Breaker

Slayer is either anything with screaming or hardbass. Loud enough that it hurts your ear drums. Then you just run about chopping stuff up.