What music are you listening to?

I’m curious, what kind of music are you listening to? Share it here.

For me it’s metal -

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‘Dave’ is my flavour of the month, woven betwixt my normal staple of Kubbi, StoneOcean various game/movie/tv soundtracks, various synthwave playlists.

I listen to a lot of style of music, but there’s of course, some style I’m more attracted too. As long as I like the song I don’t care about what style of music it is. But I ain’t gonna lie that I’m a big nerd and listen to a lot of video game/movie ost. For exemple right now I’m listening to some Metroid Prime it always puts me in a good mood with my coffee in the morning. :grinning:

Or Pokke Village theme is really good too, to get in a nice mood.

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I listen to all manners of music with the only influence i can discern being my own mood.

Today after reading the news its :