What is CefSharp Browser subprocess?

Hey Fatshark, could you please help me explain what is CefSharp Browser subprocess that is located in installation folder of Vermintide 2, and it start up whenever i start the game.
I didnt notice it until now, is it something that came with latest update?
Is it something i should be worried about, or will it hinder my performance in any way?
Because i end task it, and the game worked fine, maybe even better without microstuts, or whas that that is something in me head…
Anyhow, at first i was paranoid, i reinstalled it, than i saw that there it is again, joined a game, asked random person if he was having it too, he checked and found it, so its not me.
I just want to know what it is, and do i need it.
Thanks in advance Fatshark.

Hello! This was implemented as part of our launcher improvements, and should have no impact on performance. However, it will be removed soon, as it doesn’t quite meet our requirements. :slight_smile:

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