Weird lighting - Against the grain

Certain area in the game have very weird lightning, it seems like the constrast has been turned up way too much in these places, while the surrounding seem fine.

Yeah, one of the hidden features in the game. There are others ull encounter :wink:

I have had this same issue and would like to add more detailed information.

These are my graphical options and I’m running a Nvidia GTX 1050Ti and haven’t been able to replicate this issue after having done at least 10 different playthroughs of Against the Grain and only had this issue in any interior for Against the Grain. This happened after a 4+ hour long session of playing and was done on Legend difficulty, so if the lighting issue was specific to the density of entities spawned that’s legend specific, I don’t know personally.

DarkHawk, you may want to give graphics setting info, graphics card info and if you replicated it as that would be very useful if it happens to be because of specific graphics card brands, graphical setting combinations or anything of the sort.

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