Weave Amulet

I have completed both the winds of change mission and have completed weave wave level one and after doing so it doesn’t even give me the option to speak to Oleysa to even attempt to get the amulet. I have leveled the athanor to level 14 hoping it would eventually fix it but it hasn’t. please help

Hi @NobunagaOda,

Can you please provide your Steam profile URL (or Gamertag/PSN ID) and I’ll take a look at this for you.


Thank you for the help my steam URL ID is Steam Community :: Nobunaga Oda

This should now be fixed for you @NobunagaOda :slight_smile:

It has been. Thank you so much I appreciate it. The weave was my favorite part when I played on console and was worried it was broken on PC and i would not be able to play it anymore

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