Weapon carrying limit

Op weapons mostly are having high armour penetration and this made me think why.
Because tough enemies are likely fully armoured and weapons without piercing cant hurt the one within the tin can if not crit. So let us carry more weapons by sacrifice accessory slots.

Yeah well no, its just bad idea


While I’m always one to support trying to make non-armor weapons more viable (not particularly possible; the massive presence of armor as part of the core-gameplay of Vermintide 2 means you must have some sort of access to anti-armor or you are usually hosed), I don’t think giving us additional melee weapons changes the issue. Instead of just leaving us overpowered versus armor it will leave us overpowered versus everything.

If you have the tools to deal with every problem, there’s no problem in the first place. I think the tweak might have to happen on the enemy side; making hordes more overwhelming so that anti-armor weapons can’t cut through them and leaving armor a little less prominent might to the trick, but I’m also not experienced in the field of fine-tuning Vermintide.


Yea, that won’t happen. Look at every recent patch notes for the consoles. They normally decrease the amount of mobs in hordes and ambiant. But increase HP if I remember correctly, which actually makes this problem even worse for them. Every single weapon has the ability to deal with armour, some better than others. Some require head shots like the rapier and spear to deal with it effectively. Some like the double swords are just not a good idea. That’s when team play comes into work, let your team mates deal with the armour while you nuke hordes with the swords.


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