We need less weapons

Why should so many different las guns and auto guns be in the game.
If you got 4 lasguns just combine them into 2 and toggle fire modes so it’s more versatile.
One does full auto and higher damage burst that takes extra ammo
One does burst and hot shot sniper and sniper takes 8 ammo but deals way more than bust.
Auto guns should have semi and full auto on one with a big recoil reduction in semi.
The other should do full auto and burst but have more ammo and fire rate and worse recoil and damage.

Why make so many different auto guns that all feel kinda bad.

Same with axes and swords only tactical axe is really good and you run it or you take power sword, evis, Thunder Hammer, force sword or dagger.
People don’t even run standard swords or axes after they unlock the special one.

Game doesn’t need 70 weapons it needs 30 great weapons that you want to use.
Make them all versatile enough to see play.