Warp Flurry Perk Not Working On Surge Staff

I have tier 4 Warp Flurry perk on my surge staff and I’m pretty sure it’s not working. I am pretty sure I can tell the difference from a 2-second charge time to a 1-second one. Status icons are showing that I am indeed gaining Warp Flurry charges but the charge time remains the same. This also looks like a problem that is only present on the surge staff because all my other staves have the same perk and I can definitely notice the difference when chaining casts of the right-click action. Am I the only one that notices this?

Not seeing this.

(measuring from when the charge bar appears)
0 stacks: 1895ms
1 stack: 1713
2 stacks: 1509
3 stacks: 1341
4 stacks: 1136
5 stacks: 946

huh. maybe it just takes too long even with 5 stacks that it still feels slow. okay then.

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