Warp Flurry on the surge staff still does not work as intended

Issue Description:
When chaining secondaries, warp flurry blessing causes the surge staff to pause charging between the casts. There is no pause if the blessing isn’t present. It does seem to speed up the charge time, but you lose much if not the whole benefit due to the pause

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Chain surge secondary casts with or without warp flurry and observe the charge bar.

[Steam/Microsoft Store]

With warp flurry:

Without warp flurry:

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It also bugs in similar way with purg staff. It also causes a huge issue in way that you can’t do “quick charged bursts” with warp flurry stacked, since you don’t generate charge immediately. You just puff 1 flame when doing quick charged bursts.

and here is reqular quick bursting in comparison. In both clips right click is being holded and left click is spammed.

Thank you for reporting this. This one was a bit hard to find.

Best regards!

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