Warp Battery not activating completion

Issue Description:
Whenever I run a Malice difficulty mission and complete it with the requisite 4 stacks of Warp Charge for more than 300 seconds as described by the penance, the mission does not acknowledge that requirement as completed. Either the penance is misleading that it is required to be done on Heresy difficulty or that the penance is bugged itself.

Steps to Reproduce:
Go through any Malice difficulty mission and achieve 4 stacks of Warp Charge and hold it for 300 seconds. After 300 seconds it will not complete even at the end of the mission when it would normally be achieved.

Mission Name (If Applicable):
Any mission on Malice difficulty.

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Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
9:42am Pacific Standard Time

Reproduction Rate:
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Upload Supporting Evidence:
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You are keeping the stacks for 300 consecutive seconds yeah? Like without dropping a stack for that duration? It’s just I’ve never heard of that penance being inconsistent in registering before.

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