Victor's new griffin foot pistols bug

Victor’s new griffin foot pistols were dropping on the floor while shooting :

I don’t believe it is a bug though. His regular pistols also fall to the floor - always were actually since VT1 (unless they broke that). That’s how he supposedly shoots single-shot pistols 12 times (and up to 40+ before they changed it?) in a row. That’s why is is a brace of pistols and not just a pair of them.
We don’t se him pick them up and reload with shot for balance reasons though :slight_smile:


IIRC this is not a bug, Brace of Pistols should share similiar feature. Basically Victor actually reloads the guns for one shot and just drops them.


Definitely not a bug, dropping the pistols is intended. Whether it’s the Brace of Pistols or the Giffin Foot, he’ll throw them away so he can grab a fresh, loaded one. You can even see this during the Vermintide 1 release trailer.

Don’t ask me how he gets them back.

wow TIL, I honestly had no idea and Ive been using BoP as my favoured Ranged weapon on Saltzpyre since forever.

Just for history on this: It’s essentially a left over aesthetic flair from back when the BoP had no reload animation. A couple years back, BoP had no reload animation and would just shoot through the entire supply, discarding used pistols and grabbing new ones from his brace of (at the time 20) pistols. Then they added the reload mechanic, but never got rid the 3rd person animation of him dropping the pistols. Technically, he now has a brace of only 12 pistols/8 griffinfoots, which he reloads and puts back in place, so the discarding animation is kind of inaccurate but still present just for fun I guess.

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