Veteran Navy Breacher Subclass

A perfect subclass for the Veteran class, a Veteran of the Imperial Navy from the Kill Team Set

Short Summary: The fighting men and women of the Imperial Navy are called upon for many tasks, from garrisoning void ports to escorting the Navigator elite. The bravest and most daring of their ilk are selected for the Breacher teams – the blunt hammer at the head of a Navy boarding assault. Trained in close-quarters combat and equipped with a range of specialist equipment, these bold boarders smash apart anything in their way under a hail of shotgun fire, grenades, and axe blows.

Class aptitude: Close Quartes combat (heavier armour than the Sharpshooter not to mention interesting “deep sea” aesthetic)

Unique class weapons:

  1. Axejack Boarding Axe - A powered axe used to break in sealed bulkheads

  2. Hatchcutter Chainfist

  3. Endurant Shield/Shotgun combo

  4. Navis Las Voley - Heavy cumbersome but powerfull lasgun, comparable to a hotshot Volley gun


That dude has a metal oven mitt with a chainsaw. I’m in.


I concur. Would love to see some unfamiliar units get some attention.


I love all of this and seriously hope veteran and the other archetypes get some really unique classes…and hopefully free.

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FYI The shotgun is a Lathe pattern boarding gun and would be an interesting addition in its own right, shield or no shield;

Essentially a large-bore, triple-barrelled Shotgun, the weight and hitting power of Lathe-pattern Boarding Guns has made them infamous across the Calixis Sector and Koronus Expanse. Loaded with heavier, more powerful shells than most Shotguns, the weapon has punishing recoil that, combined with its weight, makes it impractical for any but the strongest men to wield.


Looks badass, I approve

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Great proposition, +1

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Dis idea i like. Especially that shotgun/shield part.

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I think the Shield could act as its special, to reload the shoty you obviously press the special button again to unequip the shield.

Or yeah we could get one Shotgun with the Shield and one without.

actually a new and unique suggestion, quite like it, and would fit perfectly

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A great opportunity to experience the Chainfist weapon while not being a SpehS Mehrine!

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