Very frequent updates or bug?

When trying to merge teams I got the error message ‘The game you are trying to join runs a different version, please restart to update your game’ or something like that… has happened to me 3 times within a few hours.

Is the game updated very frequently or is this a bug?

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Is this still occurring for you?

Only tried it once today, about 30 mins ago still happened then.

Problem still there… Has anyone managed to merge striketeams at all?

Validated all gamefiles and problem is still here. Has anyone else the same problem?

This error should only occur temporarily after we release an update, while players are on different versions of the game. Do you have the latest update from today installed?

Yes and the problem is persistent. Just to check if the problem is solved I try to merge several times a day and I get the same error every single time.

I have had the same error and not been able to merge strike teams since even the beta.