Versus Feedback & Suggestions

Hello! I’m here to give feedback and suggestions after having been in the playtest. No specific order :3

In general, I adore how the Skaven feel, sound, and play. They’re very immersive and I like it a lot.

I love the flamer’s voice while they’re firing. It’s incredible XD

Assassin jumping is the absolute best thing in the entire game. I wouldn’t mind there being some sort of bonus for pouncing from insane heights but it’s absolutely glorious in its current iteration.

The assassin’s invisibility… does it have a cooldown or are you only allowed one per life? I don’t know but noticed I could never do it more than once.

I enjoy how versus changes up what talents and weapons you pick. Like shield is a feel good pick against gun rats! It’s fun to have a new puzzle to play with.

I’d like it if we could have 8 person private lobbies on release. I think it’d be a lot of fun for communities to play in a low stakes, friendly environment. Versus is our only way to play as rats and it shouldn’t be gated behind getting destroyed online.

I hope there’s some sort of casual mode for versus. My least favorite experiences in the playtest have been playing with randoms against a pre-built 4 man full of thousand plus hour modded gamers. It’s brutally unfair and very unfun to lose in such a one-sided fashion. I really hope there’s some sort of safeguard against it because it will probably determine my interest in playing in the future. Maybe a mode that disables premades or a matchmaking behavior that only matches premades with premades (and I mean a perfect premade match, not like a 2 and 2 vs a 4). Without a pubstomping guard, it’s often is not worth the emotional battery to queue up.

Skaven communicating in /all shouldn’t reveal what type of skaven they are. You give the Uber 5 info by talking and they have no such issue. It’s not fair.

Autoaim ults should take an absolute age to recharge or be removed. It does not feel fun to spawn around a corner ahead of the Uber 5 and get blasted by heatseeking rockets.

End of round shouldn’t trigger until all heroes are either in the safe room or dead. I’ve seen a couple of times where one person gets disabled at the end of the map and it counts them as dead, even though the heroes could walk outside and save them. It’s a very lame way to lose.

The ping system is very intrusive. I spam ping to try to spot threats and now there’s a giant, view blocking icon in the way even when I successfully ping something. I tried changing the setting to tag only but I still get the icon. I’m down for a dedicated icon button but it shouldn’t share real estate with normal tagging.

Should Skaven know when they’re pinged? The thought came up and I don’t know. Worth considering internally if y’all haven’t already, imo.

It’s pretty easy for teams to just hold w through levels. Certain sections feel like they don’t provide tight enough choke points or cover for Team Skaven to spawn or do much, even with a coordinated attack. I don’t know if the solution is more enemies or more skaven stopping power but it feels wrong that it’s completely on Team Skaven’s randomly given rats to put any kind of pressure on squads.

Packmasters have some serious jank and can break the game. It’s not good. During the barrel event end of round 1, you can hook someone by the statue, drop into the grim area, and hoist someone underground. Folks have to rescue you above ground but you then fall through the floor below ground. I’ve witnessed Packmasters hooking people and pulling them into unreachable, out of bounds areas. I believe it’s well known but there’s also packmasters dropping you down the stair case section round 2 and the instakill in the end event.

Lingering Flames is currently bugged and feels terrible to go against. It 100 to 0’s you with the lightest tap and can tag you while in spawn phase. This cannot go live ever. It would be ruinous.

It feels like the Uber 5 has an excessive amount of healing available to them. It’s really disheartening to work someone down to red only for them to instaheal to full. Skaven should at least have information on what the heroes are carrying so we don’t get our hopes up. Maybe heroes should only have medkits, not draughts?

I’m torn about controlling bosses. On one hand, it’d be hella fun to be a rat ogre. On the other, it’s very lame when someone is bad at being one and gets randomly selected to play it. Maybe some sort of opt in system?

And that’s all that comes to mind, for now. I’m happy I got the opportunity to play and appreciate the work that’s being done. I hope versus is successful in the future.

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